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Thanks to Patrick, I stopped by Leather Masters in San José on the way home from SFO (we dropped Seumas off at 8.45 and he should be through security at this point, on his way home in another hour) to pick up a copy of The Advocate, the one with the cover story on Mark. (The painting of him inside is highly amusing - it reminds me of the cover of "I Care Because You Do" by Aphex Twin. Very cool.)

Well. It's kind of funny, this feeling inside. The story is fairly straightforward and well researched, but there's this gap in the timeline, from the time Mark came out to his Mom, up until the time he met Paul at a Christmas party. The odd thing of course is that that's when we had our time together (although he, as I, dated other folks for the last year of that time). We were already seeing each other when he came out to his Mom, and that's partly why he chose then as the time. My Mom had offered to speak with Mark's Mom if she wanted to, so Mark had the appropriate contact info at the ready. (The two of them did speak about it, several times in fact.) And, although my memory is fuzzy, I think the party where Mark and Paul met was in fact at the house we lived in in Oakland. I need confirmation from Dr. T, but that's my story for now.

So, once again, my presence is described only by an absence. I seem to be good at that.

Oh, one last thing: contrary to what the article says, Mark was not a "mama's boy". I think it's just the old gay male misogyny rearing its ugly head: anyone who was good to women must have something wrong with them. For the record: Mark loved and respected his Mom in exactly the manner any good parent deserved. There's nothing wrong with thinking the world of your Mom if she deserves it, as Alice does.

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