Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Random stupidity

Some choice nuggets from E-mail I've received this week, plus one bonus nugget from Wikipedia:

  • I hope you will share the excitement of adCenter with your Friends & Family. [Nothing says exciting like adCenter!]
  • Hell, I even have to use Google to search MSDN and it does a better job than MSDN’s search and MSN search. I even used the exact words on the page to try to find something on MSDN and Google found it whereas MSN didn’t. What was even more bizarre is that MSDN’s search didn’t find it with the exact words on the page. [OK, this isn't actually stupid. Man has a point.]

  • I don’t have a CD and per the VPC instructions I need to find an ISO image to mount so that can be installed. Can someone point me to a XP SP2 ISO image? [This from someone in the Windows group - ISO images aren't available to anyone in the company save for people in the Windows group, so you'd think he'd know to install his own product, right?]
  • Mac OS/X 10 in Virtual PC (not Virtual PC for Mac): I have been trying to find any data showing how to setup or if it is possible to run Mac OS/X 10.4ish in a Virtual PC environment on Windows XP. [Let's see: You can't even spell the OS, and you apparently aren't aware that Mac OS X runs on PowerPC, or that the Intel version isn't available from Apple... oh, hell, you're just stupid.]
  • I'm trying to convert corporate artists from their Mac world into a Windows XP world for items like PhotoShop. [What, are you high? Convince a Mac artist to switch to Windows XP? And how is that supposed to help anyone?]
  • The candidate must have 5+ years of commercial development experience in following areas: .NET Framework, ASP.NET/ASP, Advanced Web Services, WSE, TSQL, C#, C++, SQL Server/database technologies, multithreading techniques, system software development (scalable and reliable), algorithms, and performance analysis. [5 years C# experience? Damn, that language is only 5 years old. And could we please stop posting job descriptions that list every single technology ever used at Microsoft?]
  • Microsoft would like to invite you to give someone who owns a US Small Business a complimentary copy of Microsoft Office Small Business Management Edition 2006 (SBME). If you have a friend or family member who either owns or manages a US small business please forward them the link to the Friends and Family promotional website where they can request a free copy of this exciting new accounting product! [...] The value of the software is treated as ordinary income and will be taxed according to state and federal income tax laws. [I'm supposed to help you market your software - AND pay income taxes on the value of the software? No fucking way.]
  • in the US the # symbol is also occasionally referred to as the "gate" symbol on a telephone, leading to a pronunciation of the language as "see-gate", which could be confused with the brand name of hard-drive manufacturer, Seagate. [This gem is from Wikipedia. Does anyone in the USA really refer to that as a "gate" symbol?]

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