Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


The first home video game system I ever played was a Magnavox device. It had a bright yellow plastic case as well as some knobs on it; you twisted the knobs to play Pong, or a Pong clone; the machine couldn't do anything else. At the time, this was pretty exciting.

Juggaloes can't drive. Coming back from Oakland last week, there was this one Camaro with "RIDLBOX" license plates that was badly weaving between three lanes on the Nimitz. Scary.

I wonder how many North Americans who seem to be mildly obsessed with their Scots heritage actually keep up to date with Scotland's current political situation, or, for that matter, have read Alasdair Gray's 'Why Scots Should Rule Scotland' tract. Does the obsession go any deeper than eating fried Mars Bars at Highland Games events, or not?

My least favorite kind of pop song? The bitter lament about how fame, fortune, 'n hoochies have made your life a living hell. Just shut up already. Second place: any tortured ballad impassionedly sung about how your parents don't understand you. To do it correctly, see that one Nirvana song that goes 'Grandma take me home'. Thank you.

25 days to go until I arrive in Australia. Can't wait to see the place.

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