Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
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le wine blog™ - today's finds

1. Target teamed up with Andrea Immer two years ago to put together a wine section, complete with Target brand 3 liter box wine. I had no idea - I'd never been to a Target with a wine section before this morning. I grabbed a box of red sangria; we'll try it out at tomorrow afternoon's barbecue.

2. I've been agonizing for weeks over the 2002 Penfolds Bin 707 cabernet. As you may have noticed, I have a weird thing about collection 2002 wines from Australia that I especially like as a way of commemorating our visit there in 2002. The white wines were easy - Grosset Polish Hill, Grosset Watervale, mesh, clos Clare riesling, Tahbilk marsanne, Torbreck semillon - and inexpensive; they mostly came out in 2003. Only just now, however, are the red wines becoming available, and they're very spendy [weak US dollar, excellent vintage, blah blah blah]. I had a taste of the Bin 707 at Penfolds Nuriootpa in October 2002, and was blown away by it. Oh my God good. But all of the online wine shops started selling it for around $70 last month. I kept wondering... should I buy a bottle? give up? stick with all of the great stuff we bought already?

But then Costco had it for $48 a pop. That's a done deal.

If you're rolling in dough and want a great drink, go grab some. Costco Issaquah got in one case. There are nine bottles left.

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