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le wine blog™ - today's haul

Whew, I'm wiped. It's hot today - really hot - and I've just lugged a case and a half downstairs, all the while being careful not to step on the kitties or lock them in the wine cellar for too long.

Here's the score:

Trey Marie 1999 Dunham Cellars Trutina, $23 [WSLCB]
2001 Gold Digger Pinot Noir, $11.50 [WSLCB]
2001 Canoe Ridge Merlot, $18 [WSLCB]

2004 Bonny Doon Big House Pink, $8 [Cost Plus]
2002 Rosemount Hill of Gold Shiraz, $18 [Cost Plus]
2002 Yalumba Barossa Shiraz, $15 [Cost Plus] x3

2002 Kindzmarauli [Georgia], $14 [Larry's]
2001 Cristom Marjorie Vineyard, $36 [Larry's]
2003 Domaine de Terrebrune Bandol rosé, $23 [Larry's]
2 bottles of Romanian wine: a pinot noir and a feteasca negra, $8 each [Larry's]
2002 Penfolds Kalimna Bin 28 shiraz, $15 [Larry's] x3
2002 Penfolds Bin 128 Coonawarra Shiraz, $15 [Larry's] x3
2001 Penfolds Reserve Bin Eden Valley Riesling, $9 [Larry's] - hmmm, apparently this is a drink now proposition?
2003 Kim Crawford Pansy! Rosé, $14 [Larry's]
2001 Bodegas Caro Red Wine, Argentina, $30 [Larry's]
2002 no idea Shiraz, $17 [Larry's]

I went and got my teeth cleaned today, and all the time I was thinking about wine. That is, when I wasn't swilling revolting artificial berry flavored flouride treatment, of course. That's because the dentist is only a block away from the Washington State Liquor Control Board store in Redmond, and... it's all downhill from there. The WSLCB store was looking pretty bad, but they had weird looking stuff I felt like trying. I've had the Canoe Ridge red wine before, but not their straight Merlot. After last Spring's trip to Walla Walla with grrrscribbler, I realized that I like Merlot more than I think. So, I'm slowly trying to drink more Washington merlot. We'll see how this goes. God only knows if the Gold Digger Cellars wine is any good, but after last weekend in Whistler, I'm more ready than ever to take chances on wine from the Okanagan. While I was up there, I drank a bottle of the 2003 Jackson-Triggs Proprietors' Reserve Meritage, and it was the first Canadian wine I've ever had that was in fact damned good. Yeah, maybe a bit too tannic, but mmm... good stuff. I wish you could find it in Washington state; apparently some LA wine shops carry their most expensive wines, but they only cost $20 in the States. That's a steal. Finally, I saw a bottle with pretty groovy packaging, that didn't look familiar, and of which they had only one bottle... turns out it's something I tasted and liked in Walla Walla last May, and almost bought [but the line was too long]. Glad to see it was cheaper here, and that it's a back vintage. Yay!

From there it was on to Cost Plus to see if they had the 2002 Penfolds bin releases available yet. Those are the last Must Haves on my "Let's collect 2002 vintage Aussie wines" list [the others being the usual suspects like Grosset anything, Clonakilla anything, Yalumba anything more than $10, Penfolds anything over $10, Petaluma riesling, etc.]. They didn't have, but they did have weird Norwegian mineral water in huge glass cylinders, plus the Yalumba shiraz I was missing. Oh, and some fun stuff like Argentine torrontès with a label of tango dancers printed - how do you call that? - so that it's two different pictures depending on the angle by which you view it. Pretty cool! I've had the Rosemount before and it sucked, but why not give 'em a second chance? Besides, part of me still wants one of each from 2002, even if that's patently ridiculous. They also had some Tasmanian honey [yum] as well as English rice pudding [again: yum].

Finally, I thought I'd poke my nose in Larry's. Larry's is Seattle's fancy schmancy supermarket, something like Draeger's. Their wine section is really, really fun to look at, but totally unaffordable. They did have a $10 Kiwi pinot noir that I really liked, though, so I thought I'd pick some of that up.

They didn't have any. But... they did have Pansy!. As you may recall, Pansy! is the "world's first gay wine." I blogged about it back in March, and regretted not having bought a bottle at the time. Obiviously target marketed things come to those who wait, though, so I picked it up. Then I saw the 2002 Penfolds bin releases, and then I saw some fucktard in a Mayday for Marriage T-shirt [I took a peek because some assholes were making a LOT of noise... go figure], and then I saw Georgian wines, and then I had to get a shopping basket... and then I noticed a sign that said CASE DISCOUNT, so I asked about that... and, long story short, if you spend $40, you get a special fancy membership in a secret club that gives you 15% off all of your wine purchases, which finally makes Larry's wines affordable. So, I caved. I spend the $40 to save about $45 on my wine, and now I'm of course married to the place for the forseeable future. This isn't necessarily bad. [I got three cards, so if any of my Seattle peeps want one, just ask me. Here is a list of the benefits.]

Now I'm kicking back with a disgusting bottle of Tropicana Twister, watching the kitties play, and waiting for the night to come when I can share some of this with friends. Some of it's a drink now sort of thing [the rosés, the Penfolds riesling], but most of the rest of it should just be getting good in 2015. I'll see you then!

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