Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Closer and closer.

Ran by REI today and picked up a few more essential items for the big trip: a ground cloth that matches Dan's test, a pair of glacier glasses (yeah, I'm a secret fan of really dark glasses with those little leather thingies that block out the sun from the sides), and most importantly a frickin' huge tote bag that can hold the tent, the cots, the table, the sleeping bags, the mattress pads, etc. Took it down to the basement and yup, everything should fit in it just fine. I just hope there won't be any weird problems with the airline (Qantas and American have different notes about baggage allowances, and no one can give me a straight answer, so what the fuck).

In other news, this is turning out to be a Melvins weekend after Dan put the kibosh on the Selffest. Guess he'd just had enough of Mahaffey's voice after a while, but something tells me he's going to be even more irritated after I've gone through every Melvins CD I own by the end of the weekend (and, baby, I own them all). HAW HAW, etc. :) <--- SMILIE TO INDICATE MY GAYNESS

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