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Domain Sorin Côtes de Provence AOC Rosé "Terra Amata" 2004, $10

Lovely pink wine, perfect for summertime. Best if cool, but not fridge cold [or else it won't smell like anything]. Maybe, just maybe, slightly too sweet for my own tastes, but it'd be very, very hard to go wrong with this wine sitting on the back porch with your honey.

Bramare Malbec 2004, $27

This is the less expensive version of the Cobos malbec that we had last January in San Diego. It tastes pretty much the same: huge, beautifully perfumed, wonderfully drinkable. I'd love to know what this would taste like in a decade, but we drank our only bottle, and it's sold out now. Waaaaah.

Columbia Crest Walter Clore Private Reserve Red Table Wine 2001, $25

I made a big mistake by opening this: it's just too young. From the first whiff, it was obvious this was a high quality Washington wine. It tasted great, but really needs time to settle down beyond the obvious bright red fruit and into something more interesting.

K&L are selling this for $18 right now, which is an absolute steal if you live in the Bay Area. I paid more because I live in Washington. Go figure.

Sarah's Vineyard Estate Reserve Pinot Noir 2001, $30

I'll be damned if this wasn't a dead ringer for a fine French burgundy. Wonderful balance, good use of oak, extremely tasty. Great value, too, considering.
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