Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Just so you know

1. Favorite scent: black tea with vanilla [East Frisian Sunday tea], or of course Clonakilla shiraz viognier
2. Favorite way to relax: Drinking on the couch with friends
3. Favorite movie you own: Moulin Rouge
4. Favorite movie you don't already own: Until The End Of The World
5. Favorite male movie star: David Morse
6. Favorite female movie star: Angela Bassett
7. Favorite book genre: Signed first editions
8. Favorite clothing store: Target
9. Favorite non-clothing store: Dan Murphys
10. Favorite cartoon character: Brian Griffin
11. Favorite CD you own: Melvins, Lysol
12. Favorite CD you don't already own: Vanity 6
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