Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

[AR] Mendoza hotels

The current plan is to take the overnight bus to Mendoza from Retiro [Buenos Aires] on Tuesday night, spend five nights around Mendoza, and then fly back to BA on Monday afternoon.

Which five look good?

Club Tapiz [other Web site here; ironically, their wine was one of the first I ever drank, at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. We had a few bottles of it, then called Mariposa, in our cellar until early 2005!]
Posada Salentein [theoretically the most chi-chi of all the lodges]
Chacras de Coria Lodge
Valle de Uco Lodge
Park Hyatt Mendoza [I don't want to stay here]
Finca Los Alamos
Finca Adalgisa [as seen in The Amazing Race 7!]
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