Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Yet another movie we couldn't finish watching: Rollerball

I have vague memories of having seen Rollerball at some point - maybe in high school? - and when I heard there was a remake, I thought, huh, maybe it'll be fun?

It's worse than New York Minute. We lasted just over twenty minutes, and it's now on its way back to Netflix. What a steaming pile.

Here are some choice screen grabs for you:

Apparently there are lots of hefty African American women wearing overalls in Kazakhstan?

I couldn't decide whether or not the gentleman pictured here was handsome. With the English, it's often like that, I'm afraid. Yeah, there are notable exceptions [hi britbear!], but on the whole, they just seem to inhabit a strange territory between handsome and deeply bland. Ah well.

Wait a second - is that thornyc?

Nah, not as handsome. Ah well.

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