Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Best. Present. Evar.

A couple of weeks back, Dan's parents came to visit. We were just hanging around the house together after dinner one night, when Dan's mom said she'd like to watch a movie. That sounded fine to me; the only problem is of course that we don't have a lot of movies you'd want to watch with your parents. [Mad props to my parents, who actually paid to see Bad Santa with us in the theater, though!] I headed upstairs to have a rummage around our DVD "collection" [really just a couple dozen titles], and started rifling through the Criterion titles in hopes of finding something family-friendly. Shock Corridor? Nah, bad language. Brazil? Nah, too long. All That Heaven Allows? Nah, not in the mood for that, or for Ali: Angst Essen Seele Auf. But... wait, what's this? New York Minute?

Funny, I didn't remember buying it... and it didn't really seem like a Criterion Collection kind of movie, Armageddon notwithstanding...

But there it is. grrrscribbler and inmfs snuck it into our house when we were off in Australia earlier this year, and left it there for us to find. All I have to say about that is this: THANK YOU! That was easily one of the most awesome presents evar!!!

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