Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

You'll need to read German to understand this article...

My boss just forwarded me an article in Der Spiegel which I'm really looking forward to reading when I get home today.

Mit merkwürdigen Methoden versucht eine Telefongesellschaft aus Oklahoma Kunden zu werben: Die Konkurrenz unterstütze nicht nur die Homo-Ehe sondern auch Kinderpornographie, behaupten christlich angehauchte Anwerber am Telefon. Ein US-Comedian zeichnete mehrere der Anrufe auf.

This translates as follows:

A telephone company from Oklahoma is using unusual methods to attract new customers: Christian telemarketers are alleging that their competitors support not only same sex marriage, but also child pornography. A US comedian taped a few of their calls...

If you don't read German, apparently the audio files linked to in the article are in English.
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