Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

#2 on the No Drink List

Abali™ Yogurt Mint Flavor Soda

This is the second nastiest thing I've ever drunk. It's not sweet enough to be tasty like mango lassi, and it's not savoury enough to be tasty like raita. Plus, it's carbonated, so there's a distinct mineral water tang running through it.

Rated S for Severely Unpleasant.

The only worse thing I've had to drink [other than a corked bottle of Lancers, which doesn't count] is still-fermented Korean sake, courtesy of jpcub - memories of that drink still haunt me. [The rest of the dinner was however spectacularly delicious; if you're ever in Tokyo, you gotta check out Koreatown for some of the best food on the planet.]
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