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HRC in re Microsoft

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Click here to tell Microsoft President Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer that Microsoft should support workplace fairness legislation

cpratt is passing along the following message from the HRC:


We need you to tell Microsoft Corporation to reinstate their support for workplace fairness legislation in Washington State.  Earlier this month, Microsoft withdrew support for Washington House Bill 1515, a non-discrimination bill that would have protected GLBT Washingtonians from discrimination in the workplace, housing, and insurance.

Shortly after Microsoft's decision, HB 1515 failed in the state senate by one vote. HRC joins our entire community in urging you to voice your disappointment with Microsoft's decision. Send your message to Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer by clicking here.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer commented in the New York Times on April 24, 2005: ''We are thinking hard about what is the right balance to strike -- when should a public company take a position on a broader social issue, and when should it not?'' he wrote. ''What message does the company taking a position send to its employees who have strongly held beliefs on the opposite side of the issue?''

This statement is simply unacceptable. There is no "balance" to be struck between workplace fairness and discrimination. Not only is protecting employees from discrimination the right thing to do, it's good business. That a majority of Fortune 500 companies have non-discrimination policies is clear evidence. As one corporate leader who supports the bill put it - "It's about one word - competitiveness." Microsoft has clearly thought so in the past - they supported this non-discrimination bill for over a decade.

So tell Microsoft that you are disappointed with their decision to withdraw support for HB 1515, and urge them to reinstate and publically announce their support when this legislation is introduced in the 2006 legislative session - visit to send your message.  Then, tell ten friends to do the same.

Thank you for your quick action and for helping us spread the word.


Joe Solmonese
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