Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Really long flights

I was curious at lunch today: What are the longest commercial flights you can take from Seattle? Here are a few:

Tbilisi, Georgia is 6,991 miles [via London].

Bangkok, Thailand is 7,613 miles away [via Taipei].

Punta Arenas, Chile is 8,048 miles [via Los Angeles, Lima, Santiago, and Puerto Montt.]

Tashkent, Uzbekistan is 8,338 miles away [via London and Yerevan].

Denpasar, Bali is a little further away at 8,433 miles from Seattle [via Taipei].

Sydney, Australia is 8,455 miles [via Los Angeles; it's only 7,765 miles via Honolulu, but those tickets are hard to come by].

Mumbai, India ia 9,135 miles [via Amsterdam].

Colombo, Sri Lanka, is 9,811 miles away [via Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Singapore].

Malé, in the Maldives, is 10,082 miles [via London and Dubai].

Perth, Western Australia, is 10,258 miles [via Vancouver and Hong Kong] or 10,482 miles [via Los Angeles and Sydney].

Cape Town, South Africa, is 10,808 miles via London, 11,182 miles via New York, Dakar, and Johannesburg, or 11,467 miles via Atlanta, Cape Verde, and Johannesburg.

That's pretty damned far.

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