Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Why Verizon Wireless sucks

I have a Samsung i600 phone. I use it for work - I work on Windows Mobile software, so it makes sense that I have a Windows Mobile Smartphone.

This is my service plan:

Seems straightforward, right? Data plan: Pda/Smartphone Unlimited. At $44.99, it's significantly more expensive than Cingular - they charge $24.95 for unlimited data - but hey, it's Verizon. We know they're expensive.

This is an excerpt from the bill I got this week - these are two of about sixty line items.

You'll note that they say "Data." That's because these are data calls.

Finally, here's the total bill I got from Verizon Wireless:

Over $1,000. Not bad, huh?

I've spoken to them before, but apparently I'm just stupid. Their $44.99 "unlimited data" plan does not actually mean that you get unlimited data.

Verizon Wireless are very clever. They have two data networks: Express Network [which is covered under their unlimited data plan], and Quick2Net [which is not covered under their unlimited data plan]. Of course, there's absolutely nothing in print about this anywhere on their Web site, or in the printed information included with their phones and new services plans. This is just hearsay.

Unfortunately, though, their phones have "Automatic" as their default network setting. Based on my experience, this "Automatic" setting in fact defaults to Quick2Net.

Strangely enough, though, they won't allow you to turn off access to Quick2Net.

Me, I wish a state attorney general would get involved, or at least a good investigative journalist. This is just wrong.

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