Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Glad that's over with.

Everything's wrapped. For some insane, inexplicable reason Matthew helped out. Folks, the man can curl ribbons like nobody's business. Suddenly, my gifts have been tranformed from cheap shit in wrinkled paper and off-center ribbons to cheap shit in really fancy packaging. Absolutely phenomenal.

The marmot's all tuckered out and recuperating in bed. Tomorrow morning it's time to throw everything in the car and make our way down to the Southland; with any luck we'll see some friends before making our way over to the family Christmas events that start on Monday. Then, Christmas Day, time to drive to Arizona to go hiking until the New Year's, at which point... I dunno, we'll probably be in Phoenix or LA. We'll see.

Now, next year, I'm supposed to go to the wedding in Kiel, still, but haven't committed. It's $540 for the tickets that allow me to see Mark and Bret get married, followed by four nights in Berlin to see the sights before coming home. IT sounds good but to deal with jet lag twice more and deal with a cold European winter... hard to say. Plus the $1,000 it'd cost me would go a lot further in Australia.

OK, time for me to crash. Good night!

PS. Yeah, Lord of the Rings was really dismal the second time around. I'm not a fan of Tolkien's writing, and once the novelty of the images has worn off, you're stuck with unadulterated Tolkien, which bores the pants off of me.

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