Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Go Apple, Go!

This morning, I read on MacInTouch that Apple finally has a repair program in place for the hinky iBook that I have in my office:

However, it expires today. That means I have until 5 pm to get my iBook to the Apple Store in the Bellevue Mall. Go me!

Update 10:12 - I just got off the phone with Apple [high point: the support agent asking me "Do you spell out Microsoft?" after I gave my work E-mail address - apparently she thought it'd be OK to abbreviate it to "" or something... hm...], and they say that you cannot take their products to the Apple Store for service. Instead, she gave me directions to a warehouse out in the boonies northeast of Redmond, halfway to Woodinville... ah well, I was hoping to have an excuse to visit the mall, but it looks like I'm going over to near Boo's office instead. :)

Update 2, 10:16 - I just got off the phone with UniSoft - and they're no longer an Apple authorized service center. How... amusing that Apple's support department gave me outdated information that would have resulted in a wasted trip to nowhere. Sigh. Time to call Apple back again and see if there's any other way... or, what the hell, might as well just go to the Apple Store on my lunch break...

Update 3, 10:22 - Well, Apple won't talk to me a second time, as my "complimentary" 90-day support period has ended. In fact, they were just being nice when they took my call earlier this morning. If I want to talk to a support technician, I need to go to the Apple Store first and buy an AppleCare support contract for $249. Uh... yeah, sure. Let's see: I have a three-year-old laptop that's slower than dirt running OS X, and I'm supposed to spend $249 for the privilege of speaking with a support rep who will give me the name of a repair location that may or may not actually be an authorized Apple repair location so that I can get it repaired under Apple's special out-of-warranty repair program that exists because Apple shipped defective laptops in the first place? Yeah, right. What would you do? Spend the $249? Or just say fuck it and buy a new Windows laptop for $498?

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