Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Thank heavens for the Electrical Interweb

Now that there are three bears living in Salmonberg, it's become hugely annoying whenever laundry needs to be done. Specifically, the problem lies with the cute [and highly energy efficient] Swedish washer dryer set that came with the house: although it does clean OK-ish, it takes nearly two hours for a single load... and the dryer takes about three hours to dry anything sufficiently. As a result, there's a fucking ENDLESS queue of dirty gym clothes, muddy rugby stuff, and so on lined up in the laundry room. So, it's time to get a new washer dryer set.

Being [I admit it] a reasonably well paid urban professional of sorts, I of course cannot be bothered with top loading anything. No, I must have the most ridiculous microprocessor controlled Laundry System™ I can possibly find, preferably with a funny European name and a small backlit dot matrix display. Either that or something Korean with FUZZY LOGIC stamped all over it. After a couple days' shopping with Dan, we settled on the Bosch set they have at Lowe's. Although still insanely expensive - I think it cost about as much as my first motorcycle - it is in fact cheaper than similar Kenmore sets at Sears, so I figure it's not that bad.

Cheaper is better, though, so... Hello Google! Is there a coupon to be had? And, well, no. But wait! If you pay the USPS $1 to change your address, you can print out an e-coupon. Boom, I've changed my address from San José to Salmonberg again, and printed out my coupon. It'll save me $200 on the set, so yay. Go us!

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