Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


Living in the Pacific Northwest, I suppose I'm just used to the fact that it'll probably rain at least a little bit on nearly every day of the winter. Usually it's nothing much, just a light sprinkle or two. If I'm lucky, there'll be some picturesque fog rolling up to Salmonberg from the valley; on rare occasions, it really does rain, and by that I mean hard enough to bring down a tree or two on our property.

I have to wonder, though: Theoretically, I would have received this alert as an SMS if I hadn't been signed in to MSN Messenger at the time. Would I have enjoyed paying Verizon 5¢ to find out that it going to rain tomorrow? Probably not... but thankfully doesn't send these by default [I just checked, and I checked the box that says something like 'Warn me if it's going to rain', which was obviously silly given the fact that I live here].

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