Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

News articles you won't be seeing anytime soon #2

Novell sues Apple over WordPerfect


SALT LAKE CITY -- Novell returned to court yesterday to claim the technology giant used its market dominance to shut out WordPerfect and other software in the mid-1990s.

The federal suit, which partly dovetails with a U.S. government antitrust case, accused Apple of holding down the word processing program and the Quattro Pro spreadsheet application by making its operating system inhospitable to them.

Apple also leveraged its ubiquity to keep Novell from offering its programs to consumers, the suit said.

In a statement, Apple argued that trade-secret provisions allowed it to withhold technical specifications to protect itself, and it said Novell is trying to blame others for its own bad business decisions.

Steve Jobs said in a prepared statement that "if Novell had only thought to actually ship their applications within two years of us shipping System 7, maybe they would have had a fighting chance in the marketplace for Mac software. However, they obviously didn't think folks would ever switch to MacWrite Pro, so they took their own sweet time about it... sorry, guys, but you missed the boat."

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