Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Sweet young thing...

Waiting at Bond St station for the train to Southwark, I stopped at random along the platform to find myself staring at a Very Serious yuppie kind of person holding an overly full glass of white wine. "He's not as sweet as he used to be," the text ran; "neither are we." That's right, your friends at the German wine export advisory board or whatever the sixteen syllables of its name might translate to are out to get you to Start Swilling German Wine, Already. Yes, you may have gotten drunk on tooth-rottingly sweet Liebfraumilch when you were 19, but now it's time to own up to the hair loss, wear a smart sweater handcrafted by a Socialist crofters' cooperative on East Putney, and drink the new, "modern" German wines that are NOW ON OFFER at your local stockist's.

So... I popped in the Oddbins on the corner to have a look-see at what they had on offer. Lingenfelder Bird-label Riesling, 4.99. Dry, perfect, wonderful, but I repeat myself. And four other bottles of stuff that was either probably sweet (Kabinett, etc.) but overpriced, or not sweet (Spaetlese trocken) but from a German wine region I hadn't heard of (this was from someplace in the middle of the country I'd never heard of).

Nice that they have ads and all, but what's the point if you can't buy the stuff in an ordinary wine shop? For comparison, they had about ten New Zealand sauvignon blancs alone, and at least a dozen South African chenin blancs.

Oh well. If you'd like to check out their Web site, help yourself...

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