Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

add yet another entry to the dead products list

Here are some things that I've used for years that no longer exist as of October 2004:

Hanes underwear [now has ugly, uncomfortable grey waistband]
Levi's 501 jeans [has been recut to be all baggy, de-emphasizes my package, not good]
Trader Joe's kung pao chicken [no longer available]

and this month's addition:

The Body Shop Body Mechanics men's deodorant [no longer available; they seem to no longer do any men's deodorant]

I was also going to add Alka-Mints, but it seems they're still available nationwide; it's just that local shops stopped stocking them. In the course of getting this cleared up, I stumbled across this:

Ewww, gross. Pre-Seed? Sounds like something you should use on the lawn, not someone's ass.

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