Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

And in the guilty pleasures department, we have...

Marc Almond, who was severely injured in a motorcycle crash this week, making him #6 or so of people I like or know who have been badly injured in a crash [most recently gusmacroy, who I hope is doing well after his crash last week].

However, back to the guilty pleasure part. I like Marc Almond... a lot. Not all of his stuff, but most of it. I spent many a high school evening listening to him sing Jacques Brel, badly, against a backdrop of hysterically played instruments. There's just something about Marc's voice that works for me: yes, he's got The Gay in a major way, but damn, the off-key-ness is hypnotic. Rufus' feeble mush-mouthed mumbles and Jimmy's high pitched caterwauling just can't measure up to the stupefying larynx of terror that is Marc.

Remind me to put on Untitled when I get home tonight...

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