Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

A History Of My Erections

1988: Berkeley, CA. This was the first year I was old enough to vote. I remember going to Acme Bakery the night before so that I would have a reasonably fresh baguette handy the following morning - oh, and then Peet's to get a half pound of Major Dickason's blend. Shortly after I woke up early, around 7 AM, I toasted my baguette, added butter and strawberry jam, made my coffee, and walked down to the polling place munching all the way.

I voted for Dukakis.

Later on in the day, my buddy Kevin Cain suggested we go check out the Dukakis victory party in El Cerrito. We did. There was cake and a pony keg of something atrocious. No one was very happy. We left early.

1992: Oakland, CA. Mark and I had kinda sorta broken up at this point, and I'd just become self-sufficient earlier in the year [I'd graduated from Cal in May, and was working at CompUSA]. Much to my amazement, I'd met a really handsome man - a guy named Larry - at Halloween in the Castro with Mark, and he'd agreed to a date. *gulp* That's right, my first real date with a Bear.

I voted for Clinton.

That evening, during our date at a Thai restaurant on Castro Street, we heard the news that Clinton had won the election. It was incredibly exciting at the time... finally, after 12 years, a president we could respect.

Later on that evening, I went home with Larry. We didn't have sex - but I did spend the night in his bed. I wanted to, but at 23, I was still way too inexperienced to figure out how to do so. Damn. Oh, and I got scabies. Bonus!

1996: Mountain View, CA. I was working at Claris, doing software testing full time. Oddly enough I have no memories whatsoever of the election, or of most of that year in general. I think I was busy establishing myself in my new career.

I voted for Clinton.

2000: San José, CA. I was working at Netscape; I think I'd already ditched the Mozilla team for the Communicator team, having done what I felt I could do for Mozilla at the time.

I voted for Nader.

Yeah, I know. At least it didn't hurt him in California.

2004: Salmonberg, WA. My ballot arrived in today's mail.

I voted for Kerry.

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