Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Random notes on recent CD acquisitions.

freakbitchlickfly. Who the hell is Missy Elliott? I am wholly unfamiliar with her, so I don't really get this CD. I wasn't sure it was even the right CD under the label when I first listened to it. Oddly enough, it's pretty good, especially the Max Tundra track (yeah, I'm a Tundra sycophant, I guess).

v/vm, various CDs. I don't know about V/VM. There's some good stuff here and there, but a lot of it leaves me really cold. The best stuff so far is a lovely Madonna cutup ("Madonna is a filthy slut") and some stuff I downloaded from his Web site that now seems to have gone missing ("Total Eclipse of the Heart" in particular). I suppose it's no surprise that so much of this is so bad, but there is something cool about it regardless.

Cabaret Voltaire, Micro-Phonies. I never really listened to a lot of Cabaret Voltaire, but my best friend from Sunday school always loved their stuff, so I did hear a lot of it in passing. Although I did play a few of their releases to death ("Code" in particular is one of my favorite CDs ever), I never listened to this album in toto before. It sounds fine. I like it. Shame about the packaging though; it hasn't been updated since it was first released on CD. (Remember when CDs had no info other than to explain the AAD/ADD/DDD business?)

Jimi Tenor, Cosmic Relief. Okay, this was recorded in Barcelona and released on a Finnish label, apparently. And it sounds really, really strange, as if JT didn't have the money to make a proper record. I've never been a huge fan of JT and this isn't really helping any. Still, it definitely doesn't sound like anyone else could have made this.

Pimmon, Electronic Tax Return. I was amused to see that this was recorded live by Garry Bradbury, ex-Severed Heads, in Sydney. (I had no idea Pimmon was an Aussie.) But as far as this goes, I don't really care for it. Dammit, it needs some beats. ("It's got a good beat and I can bug out to it." - Where did that sample come from, anyhow?)
Still, not bad for what it is.

Atom™, The Disk Orchestra. This is a hell of a lot of fun, actually. Nothing but a sort of sampled musique concréte, I suppose, but well done. As usual, the RI releases are worth seeking out.

Lesser, Mensa Dance Squad. Uh, OK. I didn't get this one at all at first. Starts with a sample he's used before, on Attitude, has a fast beat that isn't particularly interesting, plus kind of a bad electric piano sound that reminds me of shitty electric pianos I had to play in high school. yawn. However, it does start to kick in near the end of the whole thing, although there's still an awful lot of really odd weirdness here. Samples that sound like bad dub records from the late 1980s, even. On the whole, though, it's one of his better efforts.

Aphex Twin, drukqs. I can't approach this one just yet. I wish it were all one thing or the other instead of a mix-up so that I could decide to either listen to it (Richard D James album) or put it back on the shelf (SAW II). As it stands, it's just frustrating.

Electric Company, Exitos. Didn't like this as much as Laner's other release on tigerbeat6. Too... diffuse.

Cabaret Voltaire, Conform to Deform. Beautiful packaging, a real odd bag of leftovers here, but with some great stuff I hadn't heard before, mostly remixes from Code. Yay!

Cornelius, Star Fruits Surf Rider. Damon Albarn's remix is a hoot, and this song just makes me smile every time I hear it. What's pissing me off is that I can't find his new album anywhere (From Nakameguro To Everywhere). Go figure.

Brothomstates, qtio (or something). This annoyed me somehow. I don't like Europeans sampling rappers, basically, unless it's really out there (see Attitude). I was hoping for another Ovuca, but this isn't it. Pass.

The Railway Raver. Not bad, really. Stupid ass moniker, though.

Cylob, Cut The Midrange Drop The Bass. The best single of 2001, easy.

Tom Ellard, 80s Cheesecake. I still love these old tape loop tracks from the early 80s - sounds as good today as it ever did. Get yours at

Closer to Heaven. Haven't finished listening to this one yet (it's in the car) but I'm kind of surprised by it. My first impression was that it must have been severely abbreviated to fit on a single CD - it seems like there are lacunae everywhere, somehow. The liner notes are a bit self-congratulatory (OK, so it was a gay musical, but really now...), but some of the songs are better than I'd expected. In particular, the rewrite of "In denial" finally works well for once. I turned it off before "Vampires" came on, but I hope that will have improved in the meantime as well.

Matt Wand, 1½ Volt Music. You know, this isn't bad for obvious "art" music (it was programmed and performed using a bunch of Nintendo Gameboy machines). It's actually very pleasant.

Now, time to go for a walk.

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