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the worst kind of post: list, with notes [version m for music]

Here's what's on my desk at the moment:

Fabric 11
Fabric 13
Fabric 15

These CDs are pritty. They come in metal boxes. They are presumably from some dance club in England. They're all mix CDs; I bought them after nfotxn lent me a copy of Killerteppich, a track included on Fabric 13.

I'm not a huge fan of mix CDs; after all, they're not particularly useful outside of a party, right? Still, these are fun. If anything, it was a hoot hearing Thomas Dolby's One Of Our Submarines twenty plus years after it was originally released.

V. highly recommended for your next homebrew rave. Recommended use: Windows XP Media Center Edition PC, G-Force, a big TV, and a loud stereo. Enjoy.

The Books: the lemon of pink

I don't know what to make of this CD, really. Sounds like a string-based group... lovely in parts, but [annoyingly for me] there's a lot of female vocals scattered throughout this. Lovely glitch effects with the recording, though, so overall it's a nice addition to my library. Groovy.

Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited

Boo lent me this. Um, this is SO not my thing. Because it doesn't really sound interesting - it sounds it could be any random band from the final third of the 20th century - I find it hard to pay attention to what Bob's singing. Matters are complicated by his delivery, which I find hugely irritating. Finally, I'm not one for Beat poetry of any kind... I never liked Ginsberg, and alas, Kerouac leaves me cold. Too wordy, too self-consciously cool, too bad I'll never like this. At least I can say I tried. Boo, you still owe me CDs of Blonde on Blonde etc. if and when you find them.

Murcof: Martes

This is one of the best CDs I've heard in years. There's a sticker on the cover that I thought was a joke: a bunch of one word rave reviews from hipster publications like The Wire. They're all utterly deserved. I never thought I'd hear something like this: it's got the spare electronic feel of something like Geeeez 'n Gosh, but with actual humanity behind it all... lovely, moving, hugely original, and for me a groundbreaking experience in what I suppose you could call microhouse. I'd post one of the tracks, but don't want to re-rip at a lower bit rate, so find it yourself if you can; I'd recommend 'Maiz' if you can find it online. Then, buy the CD.

Wish I'd been aware of this in 2002 when it was originally released.

Certainly, Sir: Mugic

This sounds totally homemade, and it probably is. On the whole it's not something I'm really enjoying... it seems to be moderately straightforward pop music, albeit with some interesting digital manipulations of the vocals. Still, lovely bass throughout, groovy packaging, and better than your average never heard of them before band. I keep thinking I'm listening to Self outtakes, and I suppose that's a compliment. However, Self never got this jiggy with the computer... what I want is a Self album produced to have these effects. Now, that would rawk.

Speaking of Self, aren't they long overdue for a new album?

Team Doyobi: Choose your Own Adventure

This is one of those bands about whom I know virtually nothing: I originally picked up their first album after hearing a track of theirs on that way cool 'attitude' 3" CD with the cutups of NWA songs [and Eazy-E, etc.] The first album was just kinda sorta OK... this is more of the same. For completists only... until proven otherwise, I don't really see anything remotely special about this.

Cool packaging though: plastic baggie with lovely visuals on a cardboard insert, plus typical Skam Records braille patch.

Vincent Gallo: So Sad

1 track 2 minute CD single for £1.99. Features Mr Gallo himself looking Sad on the rear. Sounds like complete ass. Wretched vocal stylings. "Why do I always feel sad? Why do I make things get sad? So sad? So sad!"

So fucking lame I can't believe it.

Can't wait to see The Brown Bunny, though.

OK, done with this crap for now. Time to go file the CDs away.

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