Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Walt Mossberg.... uh, no.

From Walt's review of the iMac G5 in today's Wall Street Journal:

But the new iMac actually costs less than comparable Windows machines. If you tried to match the specs of the base iMac G5 in a traditional Dell tower, you'd still pay more.

  Dell Dimension 4700 Apple 1.6 GHz 17" iMac
Processor Pentium 4 520 [2.8 GHz,
1.6 GHz PowerPC G5
Cache 1 MB level 2 cache 512K SRAM level 2 cache
System bus speed 800 MHz 533 MHz
Memory 1 GB expandable to 2 GB 256 MB expandable to 2 GB [add $225 for 1 GB]
Type of memory PC3200 (400 MHz) SDRAM PC3200 (400 MHz) SDRAM
Video card ATI Radeon X300 SE with
GeForce 5200 Ultra
Video memory 128 MB 64 MB
Display 17" 1280x1024 flat panel

250 cd/m brightness, 400:1 contrast
17" widescreen
1440x900 flat panel

200 cd/m brightness, 350:1 contrast
Video bus PCI Express AGP 8x
Hard drive 80 GB [add $40 for 160 GB] 80 GB [add $100 for 160 GB]
Hard drive bus Serial ATA Serial ATA
DVD read 8x 8x
DVD-R - -
DVD-RW - -
CD read 40x 24x
CD-R 32x 24x
CD-RW 24x 16x
FireWire None [add $15] 2 FireWire 400
USB 6 USB 2.0 3 USB 2.0
Modem 56 Kbps 56 Kbps
Ethernet 100BaseT 100BaseT
Speakers Stereo [integrated into flat
panel display]
Stereo [integrated]
Audio Intel High Definition Audio Integrated 5.1 audio
Software Windows XP Home, Microsoft
suite, McAfee antivirus, 6 months Earthlink, some other stuff
Mac OS X 10.3, iLife, AppleWorks, 30 days EarthLink, some other stuff
Other None None
Warranty 1 year parts and labor,
mail-in service; 1 year phone
1 year parts and labor,
mail-in service; 90 days phone support
Price (inc. tax and shipping to
King County, Washington)
$1313 $1413

$100 cheaper != "you'd still pay more" - especially when the PC has four times the RAM, faster video hardware, etc. The iMac does however have [for my money] the sexier display... again, what I want is a Media Center PC with a widescreen flat panel display. HP, where are you?

Final tally: iMac $1413, Dell 4700 $1313, hp Media Center PC $1281.

Of course, that iLife bundle is kinda sweet... and then there's the spyware/virus issue...

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