Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


No, not the dot.bomb, me. I'm home.

Today's schedule:

0500 - Wake up, Hotel Maritim, Köln
0510 - Breakfast downstairs (orange juice, coffee, pain au chocolat)
0515 - Check out
0520 - Get taxi (with world's slowest taxi driver, long story)
0535 - Arrive Konrad Adenauer Köln Bonn Airport Terminal 1
0540 - Finish checking in
0550 - Walk to Terminal 2 and back to say goodbye to Dan
0600 - Board Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt
0620 - Takeoff
0700 - Landing
0730 - After taking a bus to the terminal, go find the supermarket, buy orange juice, strawberry rhubarb jam, and a bottle of Bluna
0745 - Clear customs exiting Europe
0750 - Get 22 mark tax refund from the watch I bought in Cologne
0800 - Find Lufthansa lounge, only to be told I may only use the United lounge
0815 - Find United lounge at the other end of the airport
0820 - Eat sandwich from Tommy's Subs (Parma ham, my favorite), along with free beer and bitter lemon, yum
0900 - Head back towards the departure gate
0915 - Purchase duty free items (wine, who'd have guessed?)
0920 - Get in line for security check
0940 - Complete security check, trying not to say anything to the chowderheads behind me talking about how security is ineffective because "the military has secrets" (whatever)
1000 - Enter Lufthansa departure area after final document checks, breathe sigh of relief because this time they don't weigh my backpack (see 31.12.1999)
1010 - Board plane
1040 - Pushback, 20 minutes behind schedule
1100 - Take off

[A roughly ten hour flight follows, fairly uneventful; I am fed, watch two bad movies, and am lucky to get two seats to myself, given that the flight is nearly full, mostly with immigrants to the USA from the Middle East, European tourists, and one huge Chinese American family returning from Barcelona)]

1220 - Land at SFO
1300 - Emerge from US Customs, relieved that I am not busted for exceeding the $400 duty free allowance or for having six bottles of wine
1310 - Call mamoosh, who agrees to come pick up Bear and Marmot
1340 - Matthew arrives; we begin talking smack about the folks on the SpyCam (there is a camera that broadcasts images of people exiting Customs that most people don't notice = instant fun, especially when the French are involved, or EVA air hostesses ("Top of the morning to you, lassies!"))
1400 - Dan arrives, is the only person to stare directly into the spycam upon exiting Customs
1500 - We arrive at the house of Bear and Marmot
1600 - Laundry is begun
1700 - The package Dan mailed to himself from Spain arrives
1710 - Washing machine stops
1715 - Bear takes shower, finally

And you can imagine where this'll go from here. :)

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