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In an unnecessary bit of irony, my brand spanking new Criterion Collection copy of Slacker is defective: the disc can't be arsed to play itself all the way through.

[Criterion, for better or worse, "regret" the manufacturing defect, but will only replace the disc if I send the entire package to them at my own expense. Losers.]

I haven't seen Slacker since, I dunno, probably about when it came out; I'm sure I was drunk at the time, probably slouching down in a UC Theater seat, maybe watching it on shitty VHS on a shitty TV in a shitty rental somewhere just off of Shattuck.

Sadly, I have to report that this movie kind of sucks. Now, I love Richard Linklater; after all, he made Dazed and Confused, which is for me one of the only movies I've ever seen that just feel honest and true all the way through. Now, I liked Before Sunrise a lot as well, but his rambling talky movies like Waking Life leave me kinda cold. At least Slacker didn't nauseate me like Waking Life.

Still... I really wondered for a minute why and how this movie became an "independent art house hit." I mean, it looks like ass, it's mostly boring, there's no prurient interest, and it just kind of dwindles off into nothingness. I wondered, that is, until I remembered that it was released during the first Bush presidency. And then I remember that at that time in all of our lives, we were feeling incredibly beaten down on a daily basis, wondering what shit was gonna dribble out of Washington the next day. So, going to watch a movie where people talk about anarchism and social revolution would have been a welcome relief.

So where's Slacker v2? I mean, it's been almost four years of Bush v2... isn't it time someone went and made a movie that reminded us all of the untold potential for social change no one is remotely thinking of exercising now, preferring instead to wait quietly, suffer in a dignified manner, and somehow be rewarded in the afterlife?

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