Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

The damages.

I'm waiting for the washing machine to stop so that I can finally take a shower. I can hear the neighbors' children crying due to the stench emanating from my dirty clothes, so I felt it the only humane thing to do.

Cabaret Voltaire, Micro-Phonies
Cabaret Voltaire, The Crackdown
Cabaret Voltaire, Conform to Deform
Richard H. Kirk, Black Jesus Voice
Richard H. Kirk, Ugly Spirit (dammit, why didn't this have the extended mix of Hipnotic on it?)
Sweden, Same Diff
Static, Museum
Severed Heads, Twister Retread
Severed Heads, 80s Cheesecake
Beck, golden feelings
Radiohead, Amnesiac (book edition)
Radiohead, high & dry / planet telex (parts 1 and 2, double A side CD singles)
Cornelius, Star Fruits Surf Rider (blue; couldn't find the red version)
Cornelius, free fall
Aphex Twin, drukqs
Cylob, Cut The Midrange Drop The Bass (this fucking ROCKS rhrhghrhghrhhgh)
Paul van Dyk, Forbidden Fruit (parts 1 and 2)
Rather Interesting RI 057, The Disk Orchestra (Atom™)
freakbitchlickfly comp (Violent Turd records, New Zealand)
flanger, outer space / inner space
verd, nine types of ambiguity
The Essential Chris & Cosey Collection double CD (may God forgive me)
Matt Wand: 1 1/2 Volt Music (recorded on Gameboys, woohoo)
V/VM - HelpAphexTwin/1.0 and 2.0
Alien Porno Midgets, the high altitude porno waikiki beach alien midgets
Dr. Fred Plays....... his favourite medical drama theme tunes
Billy Ray Cyrix, achy breaky hard drive
Kevin Blechdom, The Inside Story
klaus beyer, hauptmann pfeffers einsamer herzenklub (this, by the way, sucks ass)
The User, symphony #1 for dot matrix printers
oval, re:systemisch (double CD of systemisch with 94diskont and other bonus tracks)
Mekon feat. Marc Almond, Please Stay
Pierre Bastien, Mecanoid
Knifehandchop, Fighting Pig Learns Judo Tricks
Red Snapper, Some Kind of Kink
The Railway Raver, some piece of shit on Rephlex
team doyobi, cryptoburners
Lesser, Mensa Dance Squad
pimmon, electronic tax return
cichlisuite, mechanically remixed by autechre.
Ken Ishii, Slapdash (CD single)
Kinesthesia, Empathy Box
Marc Almond, Torment & Toreros
falsch. fb2
Marble Valley, Sunset Sprinkler
Broadcast, Come On Let's Go
Brothomstates, Qtio
The Cosmic Forces of Mu (Planet µ double CD sampler)
Closer to Heaven (original soundtrack)
Slag Boom Van Loon, So Soon
electric company, slow food
electric company, exitos
Mauver, (something on Skam)
Echoboy, Telstar Recovery
Jimi Tenor, Cosmic Relief
Theremin, In the Barn
British Meat Scene, My Naughty Birdworld
cex, Starship Galactica
One amazing day (weird shit on V/VM Test)
v/vm, sick love
The V/VM Christmas Pudding
Richard Devine, Lipswitch
Cassetteboy, Festive Christmas
V/VM, Hate You
COH_VOX TINNITUS (mukamuk, this is the one with the Coil stuff on it)

As you see, I probably won't finish going through this until early 2002.

Wine: um, twelve bottles, all told. Thanks to Dan for scoring at Berry Bros & Rudd @ Terminal 4, and to the unnamed South African employee of the best wine shop in Cologne, who turned us on to Schloßgut Diel Dorsheimer Goldloch Riesling Spätlese, which kicks ass, dude.

Other stuff:

Meßmer tea (cheap, from Plus); [various items deleted so as to maintain crucial element of surprise for Christmas gift giving]; Davidoff, Gitanes, and Botschafter cigarettes; Corny bar; Marks and Spencer shirt, PJs, and jacket; books; other.

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