Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

One [1] flaming metric assload of snark

I was going to post about how my weekend was severely lacking on both the hanging-with-friends and making-out-with-guys fronts, but then I read one of ouranophobe's recent posts and thought better of it.

In other news:

The Wine Exchange in Orange, CA has the 1997 Bodega Norton Privada for, like, $6.99 a bottle. This is a steal.

There's nothing more wonderful than coming home to your home in the forest, cool evening breezes kissing your skin with delightful, cleansing moisture; as you drift off to sleep enjoying the quiet solitude of the countryside, you realize that if you ever did move back to California, you'd be totally fucking out of your mind to do so.

Friday morning at Amoeba, a little furry fella came up to me and asked me how I managed to get my beard so neatly trimmed. I kinda got that bear vibe... he said he was down in LA for the weekend from The City. Thought he might've been Dave Kulp, but no, xbearxrx is not only hotter, but was apparently Not In LA last weekend.

If you too would like your beard to be exceptionally well trimmed, I highly recommend a visit to Matt at the Patrick Bear Salon in Seattle. He does great work and is easily the Pacific Northwest equivalent of Earl at Shorty's in both skill-with-clippers and bearish-good-looks department.

fidgetcub's food is amazing, but you already knew that. Similarly, djmrswhite plays great music [when not puking], moroccomole is awesome in the whole pancake management and delivery department, zombietruckstop is reaching whole new heights of wonderfulness, e_ticket is still one of the few people with whom I am completely at ease whenever he's around, umkinda is apparently thinking about getting a new hairdo, teelo is still the most handsome man in LA, murphy apparently has a monopoly on greater Chicago area hawtness, and booddhabear is, as always, beyond compare.

Wollte auch kurz sagen daß die neue Mouse on Mars-CD rockt und groovt wie Sau, aber das wisst ihr sicher schon, oder?

Similarly, Jimi Tenor is as good as ever. I found myself singing along [badly] to Barcelona Smile at high volumes while careening down Laurel Canyon in my asstacular rental. Ç'est fabulique!

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