Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Verizon Wireless, home of kustomer servis!

"I'm sorry, sir, but we can't enable international dialing on your account because you haven't had service for at least 90 days."

Hm. They had no problem socking me with a $300 phone bill for data calls made on their unlimited data plan last month, but they won't let me call my parents?

[NB: Yes, Microsoft paid the bill; I use the phone for testing. The problem is that their unlimited data plan only covers their high speed network, but not their older/slower network. Verizon Wireless programmed their Samsung i600 Windows Mobile-powered Smartphone so that you can't delete the connection settings for the slower network; as a result, there isn't an easy way to prevent the phone from connecting to the slower, pricey network (while keeping its ability to connect via the docking cradle).]

After nearly thirty minutes on the phone, and answering questions such as "When did you buy your house?" and "How many auto loans do you have?", they finally did relent and enable international dialing. Which, as it turns out, costs nearly seven times as much as it did on T-Mobile.

Folks, as a wannabe cell phone industry kinda guy, let me just say that if you have service with anyone other than T-Mo, you're crazy. [Unless, of course, work is paying for it or you can't get T-Mo service at your house.]

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