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Other people's journals

1. Pick someone on your friends list.
2. Have a look at their friends page.
3. Pick some text from every post on that page.
4. Combine them into a paragraph. [Additions should be called out through the use of square brackets.]

themoneybear [sic]

I wonder if people still remember you after they've become movie stars... OMIGOD THE CUTEST FUCKING DADDY JUST WALKED BY!!!! You so must go there. Anyone who knows me, knows I want my team to succeed. Americans have more than $10,000 [in] debt, at least one of them is scary, and it's getting worse. Amazing what a good mattress will do! I did something that may have long lasting if not permanent damaging effects on my marriage. Please keep this in mind the next time you decide to screw Greg, [who] is encouraging me to apply. I swear I really have to consider finding/using some butt inapropriate for external use - in the U.S., darling, I love to death the dot com I worked for. I just wish that my heart didn't ache so much with each passing day and each lost moment. Why do the facts hate America, that whole cancer thing? Let the selling begin... Is respect worth the extra $50K?


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