Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


You know, I`´m getting a little tired of this. The hotel lobby has been taken over by disgusting English families with nearly naked children running all over the place while their families drink chocolate milk bought from somewhere other than the hotel bar. Annoyingly, one of their children was sitting at this, the hotel Internet terminal, and would not get off the chair even though he obviously had not put any money in the machine. Fucker.

But the real bother this evening was the Bärennacht 2001. My God, were there way too many people there. Dan and I arrived about half past seven, and waited thirty minutes in the coat check line before giving up. By then, the hall was so incredibly full that I had to leave immediately. Just way too packed for my comfort. So here I am, back at the hotel. Dan had the good sense to stay, but then again, he deals better with crowds than I do.

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