Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Bärennacht 2001 bis dato.

Not much to report on this front. European bars tend to be incredibly tiny, maybe comfortable room for twenty people, so it was a madhouse last night at Cox, with so many people crammed inside that I could barely move. My back is in a tizzy again today due to the strange contortions I put it through last night to simply not fall down.

The crowd was hugely different than it was when last I went to his event in 1997. For one, you could hear English being spoken everywhere. Four years ago, there were all of two Americans at the event, one of whom had emigrated to the Netherlands from Puerto Rico and as such spoke Dutch and Spanish, mostly. This year, we've got Irish, Brits, Americans from at least four states, and even a Maltese who speak English. Add to that at least four other foreigners who speak better English than German, and it's a strange language change from back in the day wann man(n) sprach Deutsch. Not bad, just different. I find I'm able to switch languages pretty well so it's an interesting challenge.

I didn't go to the sauna with the Bears yesterday, but it sounds like it was a good time for those that went. It was obviously crowded - you could see the lines spilling out the door and onto the sidewalk - and there are a good number of good looking bruins here. I imagine, however, that a lot of the fun was had simply standing around in towels drinking Kölsch (beer) - that was the bit I really enjoyed back in 1997. I wouldn't mind that part so much this year but I'm feeling basically morbidly obese just now, so I'm not going to take my clothes off. However, that being said, there is a nude swimming session at the local aqua park on Monday, and I will most likely go there. I have no problem with nudity just so long as it's not in a sexual situation. (I mean, nudity in public. DUH, I take my clothes off during sex. I mean, this isn't the 1700s, innit?)

Tonight is the beauty pageant, of course. However, what has always impressed me about this one is simple: here, when you buy your ticket, you also get a vote. That's right, Mr Bear Germany is democratically elected. One man, one vote. Sooo much better than the bullshit you see at other pageants, no?

I'm thinking there's a nonzero chance I won' t go due to back pain, but I hope to at least make it out for some of the event. At the same time, I think I'm already tired of the small talk chit chat with a bunch of furry strangers - it might be more fun to stay in and watch German TV just for practise. Or am I simply pathetic? Answers in 24 hours.

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