Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

An undeserved punishment.

Well, I finally found an Internet cafe proper in Cologne, with the help of the frosty frau at the Cologne Tourist Information Office, and of Dan, who bothered to actually read the map she gave me so that we could find this place.

I have to say, though, that I really don't know why so many Internet cafes feel it necessary to use Netscape software. It's an undeserved punishment, this, having to use Communicator 4.7, which doesn't even have my credit in it (type about:cpratt in 4.75 to see what I'm talking about). It's slow. It doesn't render anything correctly. It's freakin' ugly. And it's a bad reminder of the company that gave me the money to even be here on vacation in the first place.

So, yeah. It's cool outside, grey skies, light drizzle and rain. The usual European (middle, northern) winter. It's almost like a bad San Francisco day, but not really, to be honest. The city is absolutely jam packed with Christmas shoppers crowding the streets; it's really a phenomenal sight to see. Today the shops have an extra license to stay open until six PM, so commerce is still going on after dark, a rarity for a German Saturday afternoon. Me, I've bought a watch, but that's it so far; I need to decide what else I need to buy on Monday, when hopefully the crowds will be less intense.

OK, Matthew is easy, I'm sure I can pack a half dozen Nivea cans if neccesary. Patrick already has Emser pastilles, both regular and mentholated. (Dan has tried the metholated ones, but I haven't. His voice was understandably scratchy after shouting through a smoky bar for hours last night.) My parents already got their prezzies, so that leaves Dan's family and a friend or two. Dan K has got the weird static pack CD (or a copy thereof). I haven't yet made my pilgrimage to Aldi, but there should be time for that as well. And I have decided I don't need any more books, but also that I really should go check out the huge record shop on Monday. And Mouse on Mars, those local fuckers, have decided that their new release (on Monday) will only be available on vinyl. Losers! Oh, and the new Cylob album was nowhere to be found, but at least his new single is apparently NME Dance Hit of the Week or some such shite.

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