Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

The trip so far.

In short (I am running out of coins for this Internet terminal):

- The first days in London were not good. I was depressed and stayed home way too much.

- Spain was okay, but not fantastic. I was still growly in Barcelona but started having a better time after the first day in Seville. On the whole it's a fine place to visit but I really do prefer other parts of the world. The Alcazar is worth the entire trip though.

- Gibraltar was amusing but really, who gives a shit. Far from essential.

- The later time in London was fine. Saw more of Kew with my parents, had a fine time shopping for CDs (you wouldn't believe how many I'm dragging home, and yes, dank, I did get the weird static pack thing for you). Had a nice meal, saw a great show (and a bad one), but mainly I feel good that I saw my parents for the last time in a couple of years.

- Cornwall was funny. The Eden Project can kiss my indie-punk whiteboy ass, but the Sharksfin Hotel was swell, and the Lost Gardens of Heligan wasn't bad either. Great food. Pity it costs so much. Next time, just go back to New Zealand and forget the UK. Better looking men there too.

- Germany is fine, but I find I'm already itching to get home. I'm not really in the mood for the Christmas shopping somehow, and I find I'm kind of homesick. Go figure. Still, have to go find the new Mouse on Mars 7" single (damn them for not releasing it on CD) and get a watch, etc. Oh, and get some weird German food. Maybe müsli or something.

- The only unmitigated catastrophe was the disappearance of my Lufthansa ticket to Köln yesterday. It wound up costing 40 pounds to replace it, and it took about eighty minutes to do so, leaving me ten minutes to actually catch the plane itself. Still, it could have been a lot worse, really.

- I'd be more comfortable with the bears thing if I were here by myself, but them's the breaks. I find it weird to be speaking any English at all, and things are also weird between myself and Dan as I appear to be slowly retreating from a 'lovers' configuration with Dan and returning to a 'housemates' configuration, which means we're each returning to our usual behavior. It's basically good, though, and it was at my instigation, so I will not complain.

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