Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

It's official: Beer costs too much in Redmond

Just got back from the Celtic Bayou, an Irish-Cajun brewpub in Redmond. Today's ouranophobe's last day at work, and I'd thought there was supposed to be a farewell lunch at 1130, but I was there until 1215 and didn't see anyone from the office. Ah well, sometimes things don't work as you'd expect.

Anyhow, onto today's complaint. I had a half pint of their bitter, which tasted like any generic American microbrew [I wish I could describe the taste, but I suspect a lot of you know what I'm talking about here: I've had a few beers in microbreweries over the years, and they almost always taste like the same thing - is it the yeast? the hops? the malt? I have no idea but DAMN is it boring]. When I went to pay for it, it turns out it cost $3.25.

Mind you, last week in London, I had full Imperial pints of really, really good English beer for about £2.40, or $4.40.

So, not only is third rate American wannabe bitter gross, it's also vastly overpriced. And it still sucks that Anne's leaving.

Guess I'll have to go get pizza at the MS cafeteria instead of the bangers, mash, and mushy peas I was hoping for today. Feh.

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