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from the AA Customer Relations Web site:

Email AA Customer Relations Confirmation

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Email Subject Food/Beverages

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Prefix: Mr.
First Name: Christopher
Last Name: Pratt

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Airline: AA
Flight Number: 81
Flight Date: 06 07 2004
Flight Origination City: LGW
Flight Destination City: DFW
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Hi - just wanted to express my disappointment with American's service on the international flights I took recently. I was terribly disappointed to find that you wanted $5 for a beer - that's absurd. In the last year I've travelled frequently on other airlines, and no one charged for beer. I was also disappointed in the tiny meal portions and the long delay between service - an eight hour wait between a stingy lunch and an even stingier "snack" [in lieu of an actual dinner] was beyond the pale. Finally, not even a single movie on a 10+ hour flight from London Gatwick to Dallas was shown - ugh.

I have Premier Executive status on United, but thought I've give American another try. What a mistake. In the past several years I've flown Scandinavian, KLM, Lufthansa, bmi, Air New Zealand, United, and Air Caledonie - all of whom greatly surpassed American's cabin comfort and service.

I hope never to fly American Airlines again - you may be saving money by not showing movies, offering stingy meals, and charging exorbitant amounts for alcoholic drinks, but I suspect it's a false economy.

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