Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

In Sutton.

Some things to briefly note:

- The Quake won their first match of the day, vs. Edinburgh
- However, they then lost against the Sydney Convicts
- and then they lost against the Kings Cross Steelers [London]
- Milly was injured in the game against Sydney
- and Richard, I'm guessing, was injured in the game against London
- which means they now have no forwards left who can play
- which means they are now out of competition
- and which also means the Quake is now returning to London to drink all night long
- which means I'll be staying at the flat having a quiet night in.

Also in recent news:

- The trip to Slovenia went wonderfully
- Slovene wine is truly heinous; old school plonk from the highest yield possible + minimal intervention + marginal cleanliness school of vinification, resulting in thin, watery, sour, generally atrocious wines that somehow still manage to sell for more than the good $2.99 Trader Joe's Chilean wine
- Slovene food is, um, Central European [read: dull but tasty]
- The caves at Postojna are absolutely beyond belief
- The cave at Skojcan is boring; however, the great hall is mindblowing [I've never seen such a gigantonormous underground room complete with a huge river blowing past at high speeds 100m below the ceiling]
- Trieste sure looks like a lot of money flowed through there in the past [while it was the Hapsburg port]
- We saw Tito's birthplace in Croatia, yay
- We also drank a toast to Tito on his birthday, the 25th

- Sadly, one of my favorite works of art called Hell by Jake and Dinos Chapman burned up in a warehouse fire this week
- However, the Damien Hirst weirdness at Tate Britain was phenomenally cool [wish I'd taken pictures] even if it did cost £8 to see it
- Although I really do love Brancuşi, and although I was happy to see the notorious sculpture that resulted in the lawsuit about US Customs duty way back when, there's no way that exhibit was worth £8
- However, the Tate Modern is free so they are more than welcome to my £8, even if the cool Bruce Nauman stuff is no longer on display

- London is even more expensive than I remember, but that's the way things go
- The Kings Arms is friendly as ever
- For the first time in my life, I sent back a bottle of wine due to cork taint
- I also found some 2002 Howard Park riesling at Tesco, which made me v. happy
- Ultimately I'm very happy to be here

- I think there's been a re-org at the office but I'm not clear on what job I'll have when I get back home in a week

- And that's all for now. Time to step away from the computer and get through the stack of Saturday newspapers I bought earlier. Bye!

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