Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Same sex marriage as a feminist issue

Again, I wonder why I have yet to read an article discussing same sex marriage as a feminist issue.

When Dan and I got hitched in Multnomah County last month, the first thing that I noticed was how many women there were in line. After years of reading that lesbians were relatively uncommon compared to gay men, I was somewhat surprised to see that [to my eyes] approximately three fourths of the couples in line at the Multnomah County building were women, many of whom had small children along with them. Eavesdropping as best as I could, it seemed that many of these women had children from previous marriages and were getting married in large part to prevent their children from potentially being removed from their care at some point in the future.

So... even then, I was wondering: why is it that of all the discussions I've read regarding same sex marriage, no one has talked about it from a feminist perspective? In some sense the most radical aspect of same sex marriage is its complete removal of men from the family. This, I'd imagine, is potentially the most horrifying aspect for many conservative Christians - specifically the ones who stress that the subordination of a wife to her husband is the most basic element of Christian marriage.

Or did I just make the mistake of watching Lianna the week before I married Dan?

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