Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

You know what I really hate?

Having to pay change fees for airline tickets. I mean, come on - it's only somebody doing some data entry in a call center somewhere. Hell, I could do it myself online if they so chose. But no, you change your mind, you have to pay $200 to rebook your flights.

Thing is, though, sometimes it's worth it. Dan and I came to the realization that a 10 day vacation to Europe next week isn't going to cut it. I need more time away from work, and I need more time in London - originally, we weren't aware of the Bingham cup, and Dan wasn't even playing rugby; now that he is, he's playing in the Cup, which means we wouldn't actually have any time left over for sightseeing in London.

That's all been fixed now. 2 weeks off, not just 1 1/2; $200 poorer but happier that I'll have more time to enjoy certain things I can't do at home, viz. wacky art exhibits and Slovenian karst caverns.

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