Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

The Mashin' of the Christ

Thanks to bearzbub and arkanjil for pointing this out:

Negativland Presents: The Mashin' of the Christ

Thanks as well to beardoc for suggesting Azureus as a BitTorrent client, which does work well.

The tracker is back online today and everything is downloading nicely. Update: The MPEG version downloaded, but it wouldn't play at all on QuickTime 6.5 on Mac OS X; on Windows, it would play, but audio only (no visuals). Hmm. I'm downloading the AVI version now...

In other news, the marmot is playing rugby, Kitty is eating again and relatively lively, and it's a beautiful day in Salmonberg.

Additional update, 1815 Neither version plays back on either Mac or PC systems. What a pisser.

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