Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Badly faded, or: Dan cleans his desk

Just found this cleaning up Dan's desk tonight:

Receipt from Dan Murphy's, Belconnen mall, Canberra [badly faded]
dated 16/10/02 13:05 [presumably shortly after we'd had a mediocre lunch of pho at the food court]

01 Leconfield Cabernets $26.95
01 Yalumba Menzies $38.95
01 Petaluma Riesling $19.65
01 Petaluma Viognier 2001 $35.95
01 Mitchell Riesling 1998 $22.95
01 Chan Spk Pinot Noir $19.95 [I'm guessing this is Chandon]
01 Pen Trial Bin Sem $24.95 [this would be the 1996 (?) Adelaide Hills semillon that I loved]
01 Trivento Malbec $11.95 [because this sucked so bad, we went out to Vintage Cellars later that day to find a replacement bottle, and wound up going to the Henschke winemakers' dinner, which is how we met two American-Australians who invited us out hiking and to dinner the following night]
01 Karl Seppelt Sparkling Shiraz $23.95

This was the last major wine purchase we made in Australia; part of it was simply to replace bottles stolen at from the Duxton Hotel's parking lot in Melbourne the week before. The viognier and semillon we drank with Julian; the Chandon I think we tried to drink with Julian, but the bottle was corked, the malbec went down the sink in our hotel in Canberra, we drank the Mitchell last winter - was it with Ian and Jen or with Mark and John? I can't remember - and the rest of it is in our cellar to this day.

In the meantime, the Aussie dollar has caught up where it should be; these things can generally be found for similar prices in the USA, although the Seppelt sparkling shiraz is far too obscure to be imported to the USA. If you're interested, check out - they have the 2003 Petaluma for $16 or so a bottle, an excellent value considering the quality of this wine. Same goes for the Leconfield, mitchell, and Yalumba bottles.

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