Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

HTPC round 1

Disabled the built-in Ethernet.

Installed a very old first generation Cisco PCI wireless adapter - 802.11b, 11 Mbps.

Removed the modem and ancient, brokey Hauppauge WinTV card from the machine.

Stumbled around Cisco's achingly bad Web site and eventually found what seemed to be the correct drivers for their card. Installed them. Went for the easy install option.

Rebooted PC. Discovered that Cisco's installer installed its own GINA, resulting in an unfamiliar startup screen in XP combined with missing icons. Oh, and the Google toolbar disappeared too. Ugh. Uninstalled, installed driver only, rebooted PC.

Windows XP demanded it be reactivated due to so much hardware having changed. Always wondered if I'd ever see that, and now I have. Clicked on Activate, it activated over the Internet, and that was that. Funny, you think it'd be harder.

And now everything is working fine, including the all important Google toolbar. The wireless network is obviously slower than the old 100BaseT connection when transferring files to Dan's PC, but otherwise it feels the same.

Next up: sound card install on Thursday night.

Still no word from ATI on when they can deliver the HDTV dongle. Apparently it's nontrivial to ship things from Canada. Also no word on a delivery date for the Hauppauge PVR TV tuner card from shady fly by night e-commerce site. V. hopeful that my credit card number is not being sold by touts in Tashkent.

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