Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Music update.

New Squarepusher out 03 December apparently.

Today, went to Smallfish record shop. Wonderful selection of totally obscure stuff (some weird antistatic packages with CDs in them, one of which had John Balance and Peter Christopherson (???) on vocals on track 2 - dank, is this something I need to pick up?). Picked up the following stuff:

One Amazing Day Produced by The EXPERIENCE (weird handmade CD on V/VM Test; ambient recordings from the Dome cut up, etc.)
vert, nine types of ambiguity
cex, Starship Galactica
electric company, exitos
falsch, 01 ( (3" mp3 cd, odd as hell)
team doyobi, some CD that has "pushchairsforgrownups" as track 1 (ska 016)

In short, high weirdness. Listening to team doyobi right now, it's rockin', etc. Not bad at all. My Mom hates it (of course). :)

Tomorrow: Rough Trade, Sister Ray, someplace down near Lambeth Road. Dunno. In any case I'll have to go out next Wednesday to get the new Cylob releases.

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