Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

The top 10 things we can do to help California restore family-friendly values

1. Prevent homosexuals from marrying.
2. Outlaw abortion.
3. Put an end to needle exchange programs.
4. Outlaw the teaching of evolution.
5. Put an end to gun control programs.
6. Make English the sole official language in California.
7. Ban Harry Potter novels due to their occult content.
8. Ditch whole language learning in favor of phonics.
9. Support programs that convert homosexuals into heterosexuals.
10. Prevent adultery, e.g. by making your wife more attractive. [The husband need not be attractive, however.]

Funny, I only agree with one out of the ten points listed above - although I'm not sure what phonics has to do with family values.

[source: the CCF Web site]

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