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This month's additions to the cellar:

6x mesh 2003 Riesling
6x Grosset 2003 Polish Hill Riesling
12x Mitchell 2002 Watervale Riesling [this won the Penguin wine of the year award in Australia last year; however, most reviews I've read [eg James Halliday, Wine Spectator] said it's faulty. Hm. I visited the winery with Dan in 2002 and loved the people and the wine, so I hope this really is as good as I remember, and as good as Penguin say it is. In any case, it's supposed to last at least fifteen years, so I can keep telling myself it'll get better if it isn't fantastic to begin with...]
2x 2002 Wishing Tree shiraz [couldn't resist going back for seconds; this stuff is FANTASTIC]
2x 2001 Le Cigare Volant en screw-cap [it'll go next to the '98, '99, and 2000 already in the cellar]
2x some Cahors I'm not familiar with [aka Le French Malbec; I'm curious to see if Dan likes the French version as much as the Argentine]
2x Kendall-Jackson 1999 Cabernet [because it's cheap and hopefully good, although I confess I feel dirty for having bought anything from K-J]
1x Crios Torrontes, Mendoza [God only knows what this tastes like; all I know is that I love Susanna Balbos' winemaking]
2x Breuer riesling, Germany, 1994 [on sale for $12... let's hope this is actually good]

Needless to say, the wine budget is now exhausted for all of February. There's also a case of mixed stuff showing up next week from the Southern Hemisphere Wine Center... I hope it doesn't get frosted as UPS have unfortunately delayed the package. With any luck it'll get stranded in LA over the weekend and NOT in Oregon... ugh.

The newly expanded cellar is now almost full. I'm starting to wonder exactly how crazy I am for stocking up on all of these wines that, in theory, will take five, ten, or fifteen years to really start showing their stuff. I guess a large part of me will always be of the mind that any income >$10/hour is probably temporary, and as such it's always a good idea to stock up for the future, be it in 401(k)s, Roth IRAs, or a groovy wine cellar... sure beats buying a really fancy car or expensive consumer gadgets...

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