Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Random 30 meme

For you Windows XP users out there, the easy way to do this in WMP 9 is as follows:

- Right click on Auto Playlists; select New
- Apply the following restriction to the auto playlist: Limit number of items to 30

01 Max Tundra - Our Syllabub [from Lysine]
02 Atom™ - Wook Danube [as +N; from Built]
03 Manorexia - Impedimenta [from volvox TURBO - this is Jim Thirlwell, aka Foetus]
04 BioChemical Dread - Thief of Baghdad.wma [from Bush Doctrine; this is Richard H. Kirk]
05 disc - Adaptor (100-110v) [from brave2ep - this is Matmos, Lesser, Kid 606; this song has different titles on different pressings of the CD]
06 Beck - Mixed Bizness [from Midnite Vultures]
07 Cabaret Voltaire - Photophobia [from Methodology disc 3]
08 Devo - Post Post-Modern Man [from Pioneers Who Got Scalped; I really hate this song]
09 disc - [an untitled track taken from their Transfer LP. Dan Koster graciously ripped all of the vinyl to CD; this is a locked groove, #64 on the LP, I think]
10 Esquivel - Surfboard [from Space Age Bachelor Pad Music]
11 The B-52's - 52 Girls [from The B-52's]
12 Melvins - Foaming [from Hostile Ambient Takeover]
13 Polygon Window - Quoth [Wooden Thump Mix] [from the Quoth 12" - this is Richard D. James]
14 David Van Tieghem - All Safe [from Safety in Numbers]
15 Amon Tobin - Chomp Samba [from Bricolage]
16 Atom™ - Midi A Gogo [from Machine Paisley]
17 Lesser - Intuit Like an Innuit [Now w- Instant Blectal Remix] [from Gearhound]
18 Squarepusher - Conc 2 Symmetriac [from Do You Know Squarepusher?]
19 Daft Punk - Around the World [Radio Edit] [from the 12" single]
20 Electric Company - Mentioned [from Exitos]
21 Steve Reich - Sextet [from the 10 CD box set]
22 Michael Nyman - I Thought You Wanted to Dance [from the Gattaca soundtrack]
23 Luke Vibert - Tally Ho! [from Tally Ho!]
24 Pimmon - Beach Party [from Electronic Tax Return]
25 Triumph - Together in Pooping [from Come Poop With Me]
26 Mambo Fist Miasma 85 - Severed Heads [from Stretcher]
27 Heavy Metal Drummer - Wilco [from YHF]
28 Bird Watching at Inner Forest - Cornelius [from Point]
29 Bit Meddler - Shitmix 2000 [from The Cosmic Forces of µ]
30 Sweet Exorcist - Testone [from the 12"]

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